The Dressage Affaire, Del Mar, April 15-17, 2005
What a show! The first BIG show of the season was attended by seven Fox Run Farm students. Katy Barglow on Ducat, Angela Spucces on St. James, Martha Brown on Valentine, and Minde Parks on AN Chonair all won a first level class. Martha outdid herself with a score of over 70% in first level test 4. Angela and Katy got to ride honor rounds for placing first and third in the stakes class. St. James was a good boy until the show presenter brought over the victory roses. James must have thought the flowers were going to eat him as he showed an excellent twenty foot reinback before finally allowing Angela to accept the bouquet. Patty Aiken won fourth level test three on the darling cob Karat. Carrie Rollins was busy with her two mares, showing Phaedra in first and second levels and Oxsana in third and fourth. Oxsana looked very mature in her double bridle and contributed a blue to the barn’s growing string of ribbons. Phaedra blew away the competition in her first level class, winning with a 74%! The Fox Run Farm quadille (Katy on LeMans, Angela on James, Roberta D’Ascoli on Aurea, and Polly Limond on Lateran) opened the Sunday champagne brunch with a lively musical freestyle demonstration that was much appreciated by the audience. And Domino and Donna shone in the USEF High Performance freestyle, placing second with a 69%. Even the barn dogs shared in the ribbons with Fox the Golden Retriever (pictured) tying with Webster the Jack Russell in the Best Trick dog competition. It was a tiring weekend, but with a ribbon total of 21, over half of them blue, no one at the Farm was complaining.

Katy and Leo with Angela and St. James lead
the victory round at Dressage Affaire

Fox the trick dog