DG Bar Dressage, May 12-14, 2005
Only Donna and Skyler ventured north to Visalia for the DG Bar show. Domino came in fifth in the USET Prix St. Georges with a 63.87%. Skyler and Jazzman were the clear winners with a 65.22%. Unfortunately, Jazz caught his foot in a haynet that night and had to be withdrawn from the next day’s YR Freestyle. Donna and Domino did a good job in the Intermediate Freestyle, coming in third with a 66.16%. Donna scratched the next day’s I-1 however, in order to trailer Jazzman home as soon as possible. Luckily, his injury proved to be not as serious as originally thought and he and Skyler were back to work just in time to go to the Flintridge show.