US National Dressage Finals
Lexington, KY
November 5-8, 2015

Amalia made her first flight on Air Horse One when she travelled to Lexington with Welt Erbe. Weltie was a star in his warm-up class, winning the open fourth level freestyle with a 71.83% in the All Tech Arena.  Horse and rider got a bit overwhelmed in the outdoor arena where the fourth level amateur championship was held but still finished fourth in a field of over twelve. They were back on their game the next night, however, when Amalia and Weltie won the fourth level amateur freestyle under the lights in the All Tech Arena. The championship ribbon didn't faze the horse, but he was definitely NOT going to wear his beautiful championship cooler in the honor round! Many thanks to Teri Rocovich for trailering him safely with her Grand Prix horse Uiver. And of course thanks to Amalia's mom Pam: we couldn't have done it without you. What a year for Amalia: from barely third level to national champion in less than a year. I would love to take some credit for this, but honestly the best teacher is a good horse. Kudos to you, Welt Erbe!