Thermal Fall Show
Thermal, CA
November 21-23, 2013

The Thermal show marked Welterbe's return to competition. He was super in warm-up on Thursday, but Friday saw wind and heavy rain. Weltie wanted no part of that kind of weather and just barely got through the Intermediate I with a 63%. Not his finest hour. On Saturday he was more settled but still did not find conditions to his liking and earned a 66%. If he were a thoroughbred, he could never be run on a muddy track! Ryan Bell took over the reins on Mondeo, hoping to get scores over 65% at fourth level so he could enter the r program. He far exceeded his goals, winning both his classes with scores nearing 70% AND winning the show fourth level high point. Now he and Donna have agreed to let him try for the Brentina Cup in 2014 with Mondeo.