Dressage Holiday Special
Los Angeles, CA
December 7-8, 2013

After three days working of with Conrad Schumacher, Welterbe seemed primed for the show. But once again, rain dogged his footsteps. In a downpour, he behaved better than at Thermal, but still not up to his capability, although he did win the I-1 with a 65%. In better weather, he won the I-1 freestyle the next day with a 68%. He did Grand Prix half passes in trot, two tempis and three tempis on a serpentine, medium trot to halt with reins in one hand, and still only received a 7 for degree of difficulty. Sometimes, you have to wonder what it takes to get an 8... Oh well, on to the the new Medium tour in 2014. Welterbe has no trouble with 9 one time changes and piaffe and passage are coming. Time to try something new!