CDS Championship
Rancho Murieta, CA
September 26-29, 2013

Although Donna took both Veloz (to show at Intermediate II) and Venturoso (to show at 3rd and 4th level freestyle), only Venturoso got to show. An ill timed fever and diarrhea kept Veloz in the barn. He recovered completely by the last day of the show, but that was one day too late. Venturoso, however, proved himself a star. One judge's surprisingly low score relegated him to 4th place in the USDF fourth level freestyle, but he won both the third and fourth level CDS Freestyle Championships, the latter under horrible weather conditions. Thunder and lightning with torrential rain halted Venturoso's warm-up -- and the show -- 10 minutes before he was scheduled to start. Not knowing when the show would be restarted, Donna continued to ride Venti in the covered arena with other horses bolting and bucking at the thunderclaps all around her. Venturoso was concerned but never put a foot out of place. After waiting 30 minutes, Donna finally took Venti back to his stall. An hour later, with only 15 minutes of warning that the class was going to resume, she rode through pouring rain to the main arena and did her freestyle. Judge Gary Rockwell wrote on his score sheet "Excellent test under adverse condition." Amen to that! Sandra rode her last Grand Prix freestyle on Mondeo and it was a faultless beauty, scoring over 65% from some very tough judges and earning fifth place in the CDS Championship. Sandra, you have come so far and I am so proud of what you have accomplished with my grand Mondeo!