Dressage Getaway
Thermal, CA
January 12-14, 2012

At his second show with Donna, Welt Erbe went from zero to hero.
When Donna snapped her right stirrup down shortly after mounting, Erbe
leaped into the air, deposited Donna in the dirt, and went on a wild
gallop around the showgrounds. Ten minutes later, he found his way back
to his own stall -- quite an achievement given that Thermal hosts 250
stalls! Donna was sore and Erbie was strong but they earned a 65% at
Prix St. George the next day. On Saturday, Erbie surprised everyone by
laying down a foot perfect Intermediate I, winning the class with a 75
and also the show high point.
Nicki Hall competed two horses at Grand Prix: Mondeo and her own
Ramsgate. Both horses were the class of the field, each earning one
blue and one red. Nicki, now almost 5 months pregnant, will be on hiatus
from the show ring until at least Feb. 2012 when he baby is expected.
Good luck to her and to husband Lynn Clark.