Dressage Affaire CDI and CDPEI
Del Mar, CA
March 9-12, 2012

Donna had 3 horses in the CDI although she only rode two of them.
Jazzman, now aged 21, returned to the ring with paraequestrian Barbara
Adside. Barb is a double leg amputee so Jazz had to learn to interpret
her whips as leg aids and not cues for piaffe. Brilliant as always, he
caught on in about 10 days. He was just as naughty as ever in the CDI
jog and didn't understand that he couldn't canter on his first entry.
But after that, he settled right down and won the grade II team test
with an Olympic qualifying score. Because they weren't counting on
doing so well, Jazz and Barbara were unprepared to do a freestyle.
Overnight, Donna put one together for them. They learned it in one day
and got another qualifying score in freestyle on Sunday. Barb will next
compete in Texas on another borrowed horse but she knows she will not
likely ever "have one as good as Jazzman" again Best wishes, Barb, on
your journey to the London ParaOlympics!
Welt Erbe and Mondeo competed in the small and large tours, respectively.
Both horses were a bit overwhelmed by the electric atmosphere but improved
every day. Unfortunately, Donna caught a bad case of food poisoning on Sunday.
Welt Erbe carried her through to victory in the Intermediate Freestyle, but
Mondeo just couldn't do the Grand Prix Special (his first) by himself.
He completed the test but Donna slid off him and fainted just after leaving the ring.
A couple of liters of Gatorade later, Donna was feeling well again and able to
help her student Beth Custalow. Beth showed her Hannoverian gelding
Bvlgari at third level and earned scores to 68% at third level.