Del Mar National Dressage Show
Del Mar, CA
April 24-27, 2012

Donna and Welt Erbe had a successful show, earning the Reserve Championship in the Prix St. Georges Stake with a 68.8%. Erbie is getting more confident in the show ring. With improved self carriage and (finally) a half halt, Donna can start to show off his phenomenal gaits. Erbie got a couple 8's on extended trot and there is so much more in there, if only Donna can stop him at the end of the diagonal.
Student Beth Custalow and her Bvlgari finished qualifying for the CDS Championships at this show, earning three blue ribbons along the way. This pair will be moving up to fourth level at Flintridge. Laura Converse, coached by Donna and Sandra Hansen, had a terrific show. In her first try at second level, her mare Denali won the Amateur Stake, the Amateur High Point AND Reserve, as well as the Swedish High Point Breed award. Trainer Polly Limond stabled with the Fox Run gang and riding her beautiful mare Indira, added the fourth level stake, fourth level high point, and Westfalen Breed awards to the mass of ribbons hanging proudly on the tent. You can see from the smiles of all in the photo what a happy group we were!