San Diego Chapter Fall Show
September 24-25, 2011

Donna brought out her new horse Welterbe at this show. Welterbe is a 12 year old Hannoverian gelding previously trained by Kim Yacccobucci and shown by his amateur owner. Welterbe has extraordinary gaits and has shown through Intermediate I.. But because he and Donna have only been a pair for six weeks, Donna started him in PSG. Welterbe was surprisingly strong but still earned 65% each day, coming in third on Saturday and second on Sunday. Donna's hope is that he will be her next Grand Prix horse.
Donna also rode Exemplar, an 8 year old Westphalian gelding normally shown by her student Skyler Evans. "Eddy" did his first fourth level test 2, scoring 7s and 8s on his canter half pirouettes. This horse can really collect! Eddy finished second on Saturday and won on Sunday with a score of 71%.
Mondeo made his fourth start at Grand Prix, this time with new rider Nicolia Hall. Nicki is a lovely, tactful rider and Mondeo is thriving under her guidance. He is getting more expressive and relaxed with every show. At Showpark with Nicki, he earned 8s on his one tempis, previously not one of his better movements. Mondeo came in third each day with scores in the sixties. We are looking forward to good things from this talented horse/rider combination.