2009 Dressage Getaway II. Indio, CA, Feb. 13-15, 2009

Zidane continued his winning ways at the second desert dressage show. Braving fierce winds that sent tents flying, Zidane won 2 training level classes. The next day, he stepped up to first level test 4 which he won handily with a 66%. Zidane is schooling everything from second level, so he did not find the countercanter at all challenging. His extensions are beginning to develop nicely and his demeanor, as always, was lovely.
Leah and Winnica were a bit rattled by the gusts of wind on day one, but recovered nicely on day two. They won two third level classes and Leah earned the final scores for her USDF Bronze medal. Congratulations, Leah! Not bad for two and a half years of riding dressage!