CDS San Diego Chapter Horse Show, Del Mar, CA, Aug. 9-10, 2009

After retiring Jazzman at the Flintridge Dressage Show, Donna returned to the show ring with the two Lusitanos from Sucandi Farm in Brazil. Zidane proved he was back on form by winning 2 of his 3 training level tests. Bill Solyntges scored him at 72% with collective marks of 7,7,8, and 8! Veloz made his third level debut a success by winning one of his classes and placing third, third, and fourth in the others. He scored an excellent 67.9% his first time at third level test 3. His expressive extended trot earned him several sevens as did his flying changes. Both horses are for sale and their lovely performances sparked several potential buyers' interest.

Watch "Veloz Third Level Test 2" on YouTube click here

Watch "Veloz Third Level Test 3" on YouTube click here

Watch "Zidane Training Level Test 4" on YouTube click here