MidWinter Dressage Show
Los Angeles, February 2-4, 2007
Donna and Katy made their 2007 show start at Los Angeles a success. Katy and Uniek, riding to one of Donna's freestyles, won the first level class with a 70%. They also won their second level debut class with a 67%. Donna and Jazz came fifth in the Grand Prix with a 65%. The next day, with more energetic piaffe and passage, they scored 67.2% and placed second in the Grand Prix Special. Hurrying to get home in time to watch the Super Bowl, Donna tripped, fell, and fractured her elbow. Katy got everyone safely back to San Diego where Donna had surgery the next day. She was back to teaching the next day with a very bulky cast. Skyler Evans is keeping Jazzman fit while Donna recovers -- hopefully quickly enough to ride in the US Freestyle Championships at the end of March!