October 21-27, 2007

Not a dressage show…a horror show! Fires burned to the north and south of Fox Run Farm, filling the air with tons of ash. On the second day of the burn, Donna went out with her trailer to evacuate 2 mules and 2 minis as well as offering shelter to 5 displaced Arabians. One of Donna’s students, Valerie Cheatham parked her trailer on the grounds so if evacuation of Fox Run was necessary, we could transport five horses at once. As the fire moved closer, the trailers were packed with hay, water, grain, tack, boots, shadbellies, and Donna’s Pan Am gold medal. All the horses were wrapped and ready to go. Donna, Ernesto Magana, our number one groom, Katy Barglow and her husband Jon, and Skyler Evans spent an anxious night waking every few hours to tune into the radio to check on the fire’s advance. We all stayed close to home until Thursday when we finally felt safe to unpack the trailer. The horse evacuees were returned to their homes Friday and Saturday. We were very happy to help our neighbors in need. The horse community here really looks after their own. We were lucky to have escaped the fires this time but we know that if someday, the tables turn, other horse people, even total strangers, will help us.